About me

Welcome to my kitchen of love! My name is Shantimaya and I am a yoga & meditation teacher, a homeopath & health consultant and vegetarian since 2004. I have been traveling to many different countries teaching yoga and meditation, spreading vegetariansim and treating many with homeopathy. Recently I live in Stockholm where I started Bliss Cafe, an oasis for healthy and consicous living,  with raw vegan cafe, yoga & meditation room and homeopathy clinic.

Having experienced the tremendous physical and mental benifits I received from restoring my eating habits into more natural and healthy choices I felt the great inspiration to share my enthusiasim and experience with others.

My inspiration behind writing Kitchen of Love is to contribute towards a violent free kitchen with many new delicious and simple recipes, to spread vegetarianism and save the life of so many innocent living beings who suffer unnecessary due to the passive food choices that we grow with.



For the past years I have been very active in promoting vegetarianism and I have been running seminars in different countries and it happened many times during my seminars that some people would say: ”Okay, We are convinced with you how necessray and beneficial is the vegetarian diet, but we don’t  know what to eat and how to cook vegetarian food!” With this my inspiration to compile all my favorite recipes in one book came.

 Since I was very young I was taught at home how to cook. My parents used to travel often and I learned how to become independent in cooking and preparing all the nice dishes that I most liked. I was not vegetarian that time, but after becoming vegetarian I started experimenting how to turn those dishes into vegetarian ones. That became a great opportunity for me to explore in cooking adding my own touches and becoming very immaginative and creative, especially when I moved to Europe, and since I was grown up originally in Mediterranean culture I had to find new ways for making my favorite recipes using only ingredients which were available around, and that was when I started discovering my new most delicious recipes, a blend between Western cooking and Eastern.

All of these recipes that I most liked and those that I have discovered and created myself I have compiled in one book: ” Kitchen of Love”